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I write a blog for the Global Network of EFMD. The purpose is to open new avenues of thinking and offer alternative perspectives, always with educators in mind.

Here is an Excerpt from COVID-19, 5G and Educators. What if…?

Thinking of the experiential learning we are collectively receiving from COVID 19, what if educators could harness the wave of insights, the slower pace, and the reflective moments of students? What if educators would offer prompts to reflect upon and extract the lessons and wisdom that are being brought to our doorsteps? What if educators might try a few new approaches to their regular contents – now online- and insert questions that link theories and examples, and both of these to values? What if educators helped to extract meaning and wisdom from the drama we are collectively living, connecting it to their subject matter but including the dimensions of a larger purpose, asking questions such as “Why are we doing this anyway?”

COVID, The Teacher: We, The Clever

By Isabel Rimanoczy | August 31, 2020

In my last blog I mentioned how every day I was discovering new things that COVID was teaching me, and ended with a thought-provoking question: What insights and discoveries are you making?

COVID-19, 5G and Educators

By Isabel Rimanoczy | April 8, 2020

Over the past weeks, I have been reflecting on my next theme for this blog. The last one, months ago, suddenly became obsolete since it was written in the pre-COVID era, and the world is no longer the same!

Management Educators: Running Late for the Lesson

By Isabel Rimanoczy | September 2, 2019

Some articles just pop up and lead your mind into new pathways. This happened to me as a recent column came across my desk, published in Forbes by education specialist Tom Vander Ark.

COVID, the Teacher (a Series)

By Isabel Rimanoczy | August 3, 2020

I recently watched a video recorded by a driver touring the elegant district in mid-Manhattan around Fifth and Madison Avenues.

Menu For Year’s End Dinner: Hope

By Isabel Rimanoczy | December 16, 2019

Yes, the year’s end looms over our heads weeks before it actually happens, with accumulating tasks on our to-do list.

A Lesson in 60 Seconds

By Isabel Rimanoczy | July 9, 2019

On Sunday, July 7 the Women’s Soccer Cup tournament played its final game in France. As never before, the stadium was full, and the game was televised and streamed around the world.