Who am I

This is a difficult question, because invariably the answers to it tend to produce a static snapshot, and we are more like movies than pictures. So, in my movie I would describe myself as an activist, a reflector, an optimist, a peacemaker, a spiritual person, a communicator through words, images and music, an environmentalist and a seeker of balance.


Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. has made it her life purpose to promote change accelerators. Aware of the complex challenges our planet (and us in it) are facing, she works alongside those who can make an impact on a greater scale. For the past decade she has been studying business leaders who championed corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. She wanted to understand why these leaders acted in a business-as-unusual way, and found the answer in a set of elements which she called The Sustainability Mindset.

She is the convener of LEAP!, a global network of business school professors promoting the Sustainability Mindset, based on a program she created. This program, now in its 5th year, has been taught by her and others, with amazing impact, creating a powerful shift in the students’ paradigm, which may have a continued impact on how they view and act in their work, their profession, in their communities and shaping their contribution to the world. She is a member of GRLI, the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative, and a member of the Advisory Team of the Flourish Prizes.

Isabel is the author of BIG BANG BEING: Developing the Sustainability Mindset and has published over 140 articles and book chapters. She is a frequent speaker and presenter at international conferences, a blogger for the Huffington Post and the editor of a monthly electronic newsletter featuring articles on leadership and learning challenges.

Isabel is currently Scholar in Residence at Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University, Florida – the largest private university in the state of Florida – with the mandate to support NSU’s commitment to address, engage and respond to current and emerging corporate social responsibility in the area of sustainability.  Her key role is to serve as a resource to faculty in their teaching and research efforts across all disciplines, as well as being instrumental in community and stakeholder engagement activities.  She will also have the opportunity of teaching her course ‘The Sustainability Mindset.’

Isabel earned her doctorate at Columbia University, has her MBA from Universidad de Palermo and a BA in Psychology from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She can be reached at irimanoczy@nova.edu.