TED Talk 2016 TEDx talk at Nova Southeastern University.

“What Do You Do With Your Time?”

This talk starts with the day I realized that while I had a happy life, it was dramatically meaningless. What if we were tasked with making a difference, so that our time on this planet leaves it better than we found it? This thought launched me into a new career as a Legacy Coach working with people who want to make a difference. I researched leaders who champion initiatives that have made a positive impact on the world, hoping to find ways to actively develop a new generation of responsible, purposeful leaders. The surprise: the solution is about the knowing, the being, and the doing. It is about connecting head with heart and hands, and connecting spiritual and emotional intelligence with action. I call it the “sustainability mindset in action.” Today, students around the world are realizing they have the responsibility—and opportunity—to shape a better world. We have one life to use our skills, connect them with passion and bold purpose, and act. The clock is ticking. What are you going to do with your time?




Isabel is a natural and engaging speaker and presenter at international conferences. She is a native Spanish  and German speaker and is fluent in French. info@isabelrimanoczy.net