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In 2008 during her doctoral research, Isabel met with 16 business leaders to find out what had motivated them to become leaders who championed initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. Their willingness to share their personal transformational journey led her to the publication in 2013 of her book ‘Big Bang Being – Developing the Sustainability Mindset’ .

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A sustainability mindset is intended to help individuals analyze complex management challenges and generate innovative solutions. This new mindset integrates different disciplines: ethics, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, systems thinking, self-awareness, spirituality and worldviews.

This book is for professors, faculty members, instructors, teaching assistants, researchers and doctoral students. Chapter contributors are from 11 different countries around the world, and share frameworks, curricula, and tools they have used with their students to develop a sustainability mindset.

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stop teaching


What do we need to change in order to develop a new generation of business leaders who connect profits with purpose, who see in social entrepreneurship and innovation the key opportunity for addressing our planetary challenges? In 2016 Isabel Rimanoczy published Stop Teaching: Principles and Practices for Responsible Management Education. It is part of the UN PRME Collection, and addresses Principle # 3: Learning Methods and Pedagogies.



action reflection learning A group of consultants, academics and corporate leaders came together in Scandinavia a few decades ago, decided to radically change management learning and training. In 2005, Isabel Rimanoczy coded the learning methodology, identifying the ten Action Reflection Learning Principles. This book is at the same time conceptual and experiential learning: the pedagogical framework is introduced following the ARL approach: first stories, then reflection on them, finally extracting learning out the narrations. Find the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary applications of the ARL Principles to create powerful learning: in corporate or educational institutions, for individuals, teams of large audiences.

Ruedas de Diálogo


Isabel was inspired to create the charitable organization Minervas, Women Changing the World,  to promote and support self-managing groups of women that share the desire to make a difference. Co-authored with Mariam Tamborenea, Minervas Circles of Dialogue is a practical guide to set up and facilitate Circles of Dialogue.


Available in Spanish: Ruedas de Diálogo





Poet and artist as well as intellectual and academic, Isabel writes poetry in Spanish and English.

La vida explicada (2013)Travesia (2016)

Exploring my Soul   (2013)        La vida explicada (2013)                      Travesia (2016)

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