The Sustainability Mindset Course introduces you to a new way of thinking, being and acting in the world. You will develop  an understanding of the social and environmental challenges, from the perspective of what they mean for you personally in your unique context, and focus on what you want and can do.

Most importantly, it will lead the participants on a journey of exploration of their values, beliefs, assumptions and purpose.

The Sustainability Mindset is a transformational learning experience, which guides the participants in a profound journey of self-discovery and purposeful action.

About this Course

Sustainability is a term that has become popular in the last decade. While definitions may vary, it is difficult to meet a person that is unaware of the challenges of pollution, climate change, waste, water scarcity, pesticides, air quality, weather related events, species extinction, etc., which we collectively face at a planetary level. With so much information at our fingertips, the question arises: Why is not more change happening, and happening faster?

It’s not what we know, it is the meaning we ignore.

Research indicates that the intellectual grasp of facts and figures does not necessarily have a motivational power, unless it is connected with emotions. Emotions are what get us in motion. It is when information relates to our personal values, to our purpose, to our ‘higher self’, that it becomes an unstoppable inspiration, creating the urge to act.

To change the world, start inside a shoe.

There is only a very small area where we are in control, and it is (sometimes) on our actions. Interestingly, we experience great frustrations daily by having expectations of how things ‘should’ be, how others ‘should’ act. At the same time, we feel overwhelmed about the dimensions of our planetary challenges, wondering ‘what can I do!?’, and already having the sad answer – not much, too big. And the paradox is that the change starts with us. Research has shown how the most important shift towards planetary sustainability – or even to a flourishing world – starts inside the human being – with a shift in our mindset, our worldview. And in a reconnection to our heart and soul.

In this course of this online journey you will be prompted and guided to start inside a shoe – your shoe.

For faster change, slow down.

This technological shaping information age has led us to live in a strange way: we have become human consumers of data and images, we have shortened our attention span and are focused on doing, albeit we have more endless to-do lists than ever. With help of our devices, we spend more time connected to the outside world than in all of recorded history. The cognitive mind is loaded with stimuli that we don’t have time to process. We live on a treadmill, and since everyone is on one, we almost feel that we are not moving.

But to change direction we need to pause and observe. If we want faster change, we need to slow down.

To do more, focus on being.

The paradox of our busy lives is that we are in a dis-balance of doing and being. Like the yin-yang duality, we are overinvested into the action, and we can sense that something is missing. However we try to find it by doing more, or by being more tuned towards the outside world, while the answer lies in the inside, in our insight. Only after tuning into our deeper self are we able to listen to the wisdom we host, and become more mindful agents shaping the world we want to live in.


Course Methodology

Interactive and Experiential.

The Sustainability Mindset course spans 14 weeks, with synchronous virtual sessions of 2 hours every 14 days. Self-paced, participants access videos, work on Zen exercises, read and post reflections and work on a personal project. It includes interaction with peers, Learning Partners, One-on-One coaching support from the Instructor. Small group.

This course includes Completion Certificates.

Holistic Learning.

The pedagogical approach of this course is based on Action Reflection Learning, a holistic learning methodology developed in Scandinavia and described in Rimanoczy’s book Stop Teaching. The blended learning design includes reading, journaling, videos, dialogue, small group discussions, learning partners, project work, experiential activities, visioning, creative productions, meditation.

The course combines individual learning and social learning. Participants are expected to take full ownership of their learning journey, and to contribute to the  cohort with their participation.

Nothing Traditional.

Participants have two weeks to read the materials, watch and comment on videos, and carry out the activities of the module. Their reflections are to be posted in online shared folders. During the Session, the facilitator will create a space of safe dialogue, where the cohort participants will be able to share their thoughts and reactions to the material of the Module. There will be no traditional lectures during the sessions.

This course combines learning components with synchronous and asynchronous activities, comprising approximately two hours of knowledge acquisition, two hours of reflective activities, as well as group work and collaboration with peers. In addition to engaging in self-paced learning, participants in this course attend live sessions, allowing real-time virtual interaction between the instructor and cohort members.

Low Tech.

The instructor-led webinars for this course will take place every two weeks between 8 am – 10 am EST  or 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST . These live sessions are conducted on the Zoom platform with toll and toll-free numbers and/or ability to connect via the internet for the audio and video component; no special software is required.



  • Critical thinking
  • Navigating a VUCA world
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Self-awareness
  • Creative innovation
  • Systems thinking
  • Analytical versatility
  • Understanding economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability
  • Appreciative Listening
  • Navigate larger spheres of ambiguity
  • Global thinking

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Benefit from an in-depth understanding of the planetary challenges and how they connect to their own life
  • Be able to analyze facts and events through a new lens, based on deeper self-awareness and systems thinking
  • Recognize the values that keep us in the un-sustainability and identify steps to shape a better, sustainable and flourishing life for self and others.
  • Connect with their purpose, and identify the gaps between the espoused values and the values in action.
  • Have a transformational learning experience that will impacts positively their personal worldview and actions
  • Have a more fulfilling sense of personal empowerment and influence in shaping the world they want to live.
  • Be equipped with an understanding of the new economic models and the movements that are shifting the paradigms.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the role they can play at a personal and institutional level in contributing to the implementation of the SDGs, and to promote a sustainability mindset in their circles of influence.
  • Be part of a community of pioneers
  • Gain confidence through achievement of the personal project during the course.

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The course fee covers the following:

*         Unlimited access to course materials (video and key readings).

*         Participation in live webinars.

*         Exposure to peer-to-peer learning process through group work and online asynchronous activities.

*         Exclusive access to our online learning platform with training and supporting background materials

*         The opportunity to stay connected with colleagues.

Certificates of Completion will be awarded to participants, subject to completion of all modules, successful submission of exercises and assignments, and full participation in online sessions and discussion forums for each Module.

Certificates of Participation will be awarded to participants attending 70% of the Modules.

Course Specifications

This program is conducted using an Internet based ZOOM platform with a toll-free teleconference or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) option for the audio component. Special software is not required.  You only need a standard web browser, a webcam, microphone/speakers or a telephone or VoIP capability to participate.

After registering, you will receive an online link, teleconference dial-in details, and instructions via email. Although they take place online, the course is highly interactive, with dialogues, exercises and break-out rooms. Group attendance is limited to a max. of 15 participants. Participants select their time preference, but have a choice on the given day to switch to the other time if need be, to avoid missing one session.

This program consists of seven live, facilitator-led sessions, in two optional times:

From 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ET or

From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.   ET (New York time) (GMT-5)

Module 1
: September 30, 2017

Module 2: October 11, 2017

Module 3: October 25, 2017

Module 4: November 8, 2017

Module 5: November 22, 2017

Module 6: December 6, 2017

Module 7: December 20, 2017


Cancellation Policy


More than 10 business days prior to the start of the program

Refunds: Please send your cancellation request in writing to Your refund or credit will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee plus wire-transfer costs if applicable.

Credits: In lieu of a refund, you may elect to keep the credit from the cancellation on your account to use for the next course, however all credits must be used within one (1) year of the date of issuance.

Transfer to another participant: Participants or a representative of the organization that paid for the registration may transfer their registration to another individual. The transfer request must be received in writing to

10 business days or less prior to the start of the program

Refunds or Credits: No refund or credit will be issued.

Participant substitutions: If you find that you cannot attend, and it is less than ten (10) business days before the start of the program, you may send a replacement, with written notice to If you are unable to send a replacement, you forfeit your registration fee. Participant substitutions are only allowed before start and before Module 2, with written notification