Isabel Rimanoczy received her Doctor in Education from Columbia University Teachers College,  New York in 2010.


Sustainability Mindset

In 2008 for her doctoral research, Isabel met with 16 business leaders to find out what had motivated them to champion initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. She was able to identify the key elements of a Sustainability Mindset, discovering a process that was first personal – a transformational journey, then about people and action: making a difference. This in turn impacted their thinking and the lens through which they looked into the world, understanding the systemic interconnections. She made this research the basis of her dissertation topic:  Business leaders championing sustainability initiatives.

The willingness of these business leaders to share their personal transformational journey led her to the publication of her book ‘Big Bang Being – Developing the Sustainability Mindset’ . But this was only the beginning. Isabel’s goal to develop change accelerators led her to design a course based on her research to develop the Sustainability Mindset.  

This course became the common ground for an international network of academics she convened, interested in developing the Sustainability Mindset with their students.


Stop Teaching

In 2016 Isabel Rimanoczy published Stop Teaching: Principles and Practices for Responsible Management Education. This work is part of the PRME Collection, and addresses Principle # 3: Learning Methods and Pedagogies.

Isabel was interested in exploring what we need to change in order to develop a new generation of business leaders who connect profits with purpose, who see in social entrepreneurship and innovation the key opportunity for addressing our planetary challenges. The answer lies in the contents we select to teach, in the values we invite to explore and develop, and in the methods we use.

In the era of 24/7 global access to information from our mobile gadgets, many institutions of higher education are still sitting students in rows or amphitheaters, measuring success via tests and evaluations, with instructors lecturing what students should learn. And instructors feel the challenge of competing with sleepy audiences that divide their attention between their cell phones and the speaker.

‘Stop teaching’, she says, inviting instructors in management schools and higher education to adopt some proven learning principles that can reengage students, unleash their potentials, and foster them to shape the world they want to live in. And have fun doing it.

Through adult learning research, guides, activities, and stories from pioneering learning facilitators in education and corporate training, Rimanoczy brings a long-needed revamp to educational institutions that want to be part of responsible management education.

She runs workshops and Intensive Seminars for faculty, to help them experiment with these new pedagogical approaches, based on her book, and tailor them to their own courses.



Action Reflection Learning (ARL)

Isabel has coded the ARL methodology, which originated in Scandinavia. She co-developed a certification course on the ARL Methodology for Learning Coaches, and trained hundreds of trainers, coaches and instructors in this methodology in USA, Latin America and Asia.

In 2008 she co-authored Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning based on her research about adult learning.