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We are living in interesting times, with social, moral and environmental challenges across the planet.
Much of what we have become used to do, seems no longer to be working, and the consequences are very visible. We can see that something is deeply wrong.
We can see intense disruption all around us and it is shaking us up– like a loud wake up call. Yet, the starker the disruption, the more powerful the response of people around the world, who are bringing out their higher self, acting from a sense of interconnectedness, care, and stewardship of the ecosystem. This is the time for people to step up, to become the inspiring visionaries leading the change to make what- yes, still- can be a better planet.









The meaning of life is not a fact to be discovered,
but a choice that you make about the way you live.
Hilda Bernstein, South African activist


Sustainability Mindset is a way of thinking and being that results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem’s manifestations as well as an introspective focus on one’s personal values and higher self, and finds its expression in actions for the greater good of the whole.


Strategic Sustainability allows you to see the existing assets and resources in your institution/organization, but from a sustainability mindset point of view. Strategic Sustainability creates connections that open innovative ways of making a greater impact with less resources, faster. Above all, it is what converts leaders into inspiring, visionary change accelerators.


When times call for prompt action, change accelerators are individuals who are in a position to impact many others because of their role, the effects of their decisions and their audience. They may be educational or corporate leaders, grassroots champions, professors, journalists or “intellectual shamans” pointing our attention  to new directions.

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